Monday, August 12, 2013

Teacher Week 2013 and a Monday Made-It Freebie


I'm joining the Teacher Week 2013 Linky (click on first image to join), and today's topic is "Let's Talk About Me". Hmmm....10 random things about me....Boy, this is hard! I know I'm not a celebrity, so what would anyone want to know about me???
Here goes....
1. I grew up in the coal region of Northeastern PA, in a city named Hazleton. I met my husband way back in high school! We've known each other for 22 years!!!!! We now both live and teach in Harrisburg, PA (an hour south of Hazleton).
2. With 3 little boys (ages 2, 4 & 8), my days are very, very busy. There is not much down time around here.
3. Mowgli is our cat. He is 14 years old, and lives 1/2 indoors, 1/2 outdoors. He still plays and purrs just like a kitten.
4. I love the 80s (music, shows, styles...).
5. My car is a 2001 Jetta. It was the first and only car I've bought. A new Jeep is on my wish list, though.
6. This will be my 13th year teaching 1st grade. I've taught full-day K for 2 years and Pre-K for 2 years. I would like to be a reading specialist (have my cert.), and when the time/job is right, then I'll make the switch. When I grow up, I'd also like to be an early intervention teacher. 
7. I LOVE reading books about teaching and learning/sharing new teaching techniques/research. If you put a book in front of me, I could read it in a day. I guess you could say I am a bit of a nerd.
8. My husband is the cook of the house (and a very good one)!
9. I used to love watching horror movies, but after I had kids, I can't watch them. Although, I have to admit, "The Conjuring" has me very curious. Wow! Even typing that title gave me the creeps!
10. I'm trying WBT this year, for the first time. See #7. I've read the book 3 times, and I'm looking through it yet again! I just want to get it right. 

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I am at 99 followers on Bloglovin'. So close to 100, so I made a little inspirational freebie to celebrate. I've known Michael Barata at since we were in nursery school together (in 1979). He was always able to make me (and everyone else laugh) no matter what. Well, he is a motivational speaker, psychology professor and owner of Thought Fusion, LLC. He offers the most amazing quotes and vlogs (video blogs). 
After talking with Michael, and gaining his permission to use some of his quotes, I created 3 inspirational quote posters with a chevron design. I plan to hang these around my desk as a little daily motivation (we could all use some of that). I bought some brown frames on clearance at Michaels, spray painted them black and put the posters inside. I plan to use 3M Command strips to hang them. If you would like some motivation, you can get them at my TPT store. 

Be sure to check out Michael Barata's site (see link above). He's quite a guy! He kind of reminds me of Dave Burgess (author of Teach Like a Pirate).

Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Made It, August Currently and OMG!

Where in the heck did this summer go? Last week, my family and I were enjoying the warm ocean and calm waves in Myrtle Beach, SC. 

We drove straight home to PA (not an enjoyable drive with little ones) on Saturday, and BOOM!!!!! It's back-to-school time! I checked my school email yesterday and saw that our back-to-school night is on Aug 20th (before school begins)!!! Usually, it's always held the 3rd night of the 3rd day of school. So, needless to say, I am in panic mode!!! 

I'm in the process of mapping my year out so it will be easier to plan. I cannot get into my room till next week, so I'm just running to this place and that to get some necessities. Today, I had another run-in with the lady who works at Office Max. She would only let me buy 5 folders at the discounted price. I pleaded my case that I'm buying them for my classroom. No go! I asked her if my son, who was with me, could buy another 5 with cash that I'll give him. NO again! I told her that I'm not committing a mortal sin-I'm just buying them for my stuents-NO yet again! I'm tired of that place!!!

This is the first time I'm participating in  the famous "Monday Made-It" hosted by 4th Grade Frolics.  Just click on the image below to link up.  
I saw this old futon sitting out on the curb in front of my neighbor's house, and I smelled a treasure. Upon mentioning it to my husband, he said, "No way!". He had a billion excuses why I should not take this "well-loved" futon. I do tend to garbage pick a lot, so I let it go...until the next day. It was still there, and that is unheard of in my neighborhood. 
On to Plan B...I rang another neighbor's doorbell-she's a co conspirator great friend (also a teacher). She agreed that it had potential, AND she said I could store it in her garage (sweet!). My husband was then o.k. with it since his main concern was stuffing yet another piece of junk treasure in our tiny 1-stall garage.
Well, you can see the before and after...I am very happy with how it turned out. I spent all of $15 on it (sander rental, spray poly, roller covers, safety pins). I used a lot of what I already had (paint, primer, washi tape-Nick from Sweet Rhyme & Pure Reason would be proud, drop cloths, sandpaper).
Step 1: I sanded it with 2 types of sandpaper.
Step 2: I primed it.
Step 3: Two coats of paint
Step 4: Covered cushions with drop cloths (drop cloths are cheap, heavy duty and look rustic) and safety pins. In the panic mode that I'm in, this girl has NO time to sew (plus I'm not a all. Eventually, I'll call good ol' mom to help out with that.
Step 5: Put strips of washi tape on bottom.
Step 6: Sprayed with poly so tape will not budge.
*I have some really cute homemade owl pillows at school that would look perfect. A colorful quilt will also look great hanging on the back.
The whole time I was working in it, I had no worries cause it was free to begin with, so if I made a mistake, who cares? I plan to use this in my class library as a cozy reading spot. The cushions are from about 1940, when things were made well (they even have springs in them and weigh about 10 pounds each)!

Now, for Farley's Currently (short and sweet with no commentary-I know you are all busy too!)...

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