Friday, March 29, 2013

Nonfiction Reading Response Packet Finally Posted!

Yeah! I'm Finally Done with My Nonfiction Reading Response Packet!!!!
After 4 months of working on it when I had time (between raising 3 young boys, teaching, keeping the house semi-clean and sharing our computer with my hubby), it's FINALLY done!!! I finished it about 2 hours ago. This is a huge packet (almost 40 pages) that includes a wide variety of nonfiction reading responses to be used all year in grades 1-3. They cover just about every Common Core Standard for Reading Information. Also included are several parent tip sheets that can be sent home to communicate with parents about the reading skills being taught in the classroom/ways to help their children. I use these responses in my first grade classroom, and my students have had a lot of success. In celebration of me finishing this project before I turned completely gray, I've included 2 responses as a FREEBIE. Just click below. 

Today, my husband took my older boys on a camping/fishing trip, so I had some time with just the baby. We had a great time, and I don't think the house was ever this quiet...that is until I screamed when I saw mouse droppings all over our Easter decorations. I had time (yes 2 days before Easter) to go down to the basement and get some decorations out. When I looked on the Easter shelf I just about died (GROSS)!!! I have to go back down there to get the laundry, and I am SCARED!!!! I also yelled at our inside/outside cat for not doing his job. He's always killing animals outside, why not kill them inside??? Ahhhhhhh!!!!!! Never a dull moment.

Happy Easter!!! 

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