Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mentor Text Linky and a Flash Freebie

I'm linking up with Collaboration Cuties for a "Must Read Mentor Text" Linky. What a great idea! I absolutely love to read and collect children's books, and I'm always looking for new ideas.
Here is my recommendation:

 This fun and relevant story is about a little boy, named Josh, who loves to tattle all the time. All of his tattling gets on everybody's nerves, and he soon finds himself with no friends. His mother warns about a disease that tattlers get, and it's called "Tattle Tongue". Josh is worried about this, so he doesn't tattle anymore, even when someone is in danger. At night, Josh is visited by the "Tattle Prince", and he teaches Josh the difference between a tattle and a warning. He also teaches Josh the four tattle rules. Eventually, Josh learns the difference and knows when to tell an adult and when to let it go. 

I read this story to my first graders, and they loved it. Tattling began early this year, so I wanted to read this to them so we could connect to it and reference it throughout the year. It is so relevant to young children! I bought an Tattle Tongue mini unit on TPT created by Candace Savage (click on her name to see unit). I also made a free Tattle Tongue pledge paper (click on that link to grab it). 

As a treat for reading this post, I've updated/fixed up my Nonfiction Reading Response Packet, and it's currently FREE for a limited time. Grab a copy NOW! Click on product image below.

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Thanks so much!


  1. I have never heard of this book but I think this may be great for my personal kids! ;O)

    I'm so glad that you linked up with us this week! I hope that you'll link up with us again! Your blog is adorable!!
    Collaboration Cuties

  2. This sounds like a great book! I hope I can find it in our library at school. I'd love to use it to introduce the Tattle Pledge.