Monday, February 17, 2014

Mentor Monday Linky 2/17/14 Figurative Language

Emily, at The Reading Tutor/OG, has her Mentor Monday linky once again. This week, the focus is on "figurative language". If you are a little confused about what figurative language means, or if you need a refresher, check out Wendy's post at Read With Me ABC. She has a lovely video that explains it all!

Although I'm not hitting all six types of figurative language in this post, I'm covering the ones I most recently taught (onomatopoeia and idioms).

My favorites for teaching onomatopoeia (the use of "sound words"):

All "Froggy" books (by Jonathan London) have wonderful examples of onomatopoeia. The students get so excited when they read these books because of all the great examples.

"Shortcut" by Donald Crews has great examples of onomatopoeia for when the train is coming. "Clackety-clickity...." and the train horn make this a suspenseful story for little ones! Beautiful illustrations too! 

These are my top picks for teaching about idioms.  

When I was a young girl, my great aunt had a copy of this book at her house. Can you believe it is written by the guy who played Herman Munster from The Munsters? There may be some pages that are not so appropriate for young children (like the head on the beer), but it so funny and filled with awesome idioms. I snagged a copy at a yard sale. He also wrote... . I don't have this one, but it also looks like fun!

You can't beat these Tedd Arnold books for a great laugh! The poor little boy thinks he is falling apart because he doesn't understand the many expressions he hears others say. My students and my own children LOVE these books. 

Of course, Amelia Bedelia books are excellent for teaching about idioms too. My friend, Wendy, posted about them on her blog post at Read With Me ABC.

If you have some good mentor texts to share that teach figurative language, head on over to The Reading Tutor/OG and link up!


  1. Don't ya just love FRRROOGGYY?!! He's one of my all-time favorites. Thanks so much for the shout-out. I'm glad you linked up too. :)


  2. I love the King Whow Rained as well as a Chocolate Moose for Dinner! I found both at a library sale and have used them every year since! I end up only reading a few pages (as you said, not all of them are appropriate), but my kids love it! They tried to come up with their own and illustrate them and some of them were hilarious!

    Teaching Momster

  3. These are all great choices! Froggy books are great for so many kids. We have some of the Tedd Arnold Parts books. I need to check those out, they might be great for my older language kids!
    Burke's Special Kids