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The Daily 5 Online Book Club-Chapter 8-The Math Daily 3 Plus a Bonus Flash Freebie!

I'm back! I really, really enjoyed my summer! I took a break from blogging and TPT making to enjoy every minute with my 3 boys. 

The Math Daily 3 is the last chapter to discuss in this book club, so let's get on with it, shall we? 

If you are impatient and want to see the freebie now, look no further! 

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One great new feature about this edition of The Daily 5 is Chapter 8, "The Math Daily 3". Like Boushy and Moser, by using the 10 Steps to Teaching and Learning Independence, I noticed they worked so well in areas outside of the literacy block. The steps worked well with teaching classroom routines, with learning how to use our science get the picture. I knew they could somehow be applied to math, but I was not sure how...until NOW! 

A few years ago, my district adopted the Everyday Math program. The first year we implemented it, we had to do basically everything. It was such a struggle!!! As a person who does not LOVE math (I like it, but am not in love with it like I am with literacy), I began to dread teaching it. I knew there had to be some way to make it a bit less "whole group" (or the "spray and pray" method as Boushey and Moser like to call it-LOVE this) and more small group/independent work with "math conferences" weaved in (sort of like reading workshop). 

A few years ago, I noticed information on thedailycafe site about Math Daily 5. I read it, thought about it, tried some of it, and with EDM, I put it on the back burner so to speak. Math Daily 5 evolved to become Math Daily 3, and it is described and discussed in great length in Chapter 8. 

Math Daily 3 is NOT used to teach specific content (your district/school mandates what it to be taught). This structure, however, provides your students with math tasks and activities that help them learn the math content they need to learn while you work with small groups and individuals, providing them with the practice or enrichment they need. 

The Math Daily 3 includes:

Math by Myself
Math Writing
Math with Someone 

The structure of Math Daily 3 is very similar to the structure of the Daily 5. When I started Math Daily 3 later in the year, it was so easy because my students already had the basic expectations and structure in their background knowledge from learning and participating in the Daily 5. I love the consistency of the structure for both! 

It is suggested that, in the primary grades, there should be 3-4 math focus lessons with 20-30 minutes of students independently working and the teacher leading small groups/conferencing. I only had one hour each day to teach math, so I had to tweak it so it would work best for my students and me. This is what I did, and it worked VERY well:

5 minutes whole group lesson-active review-EDM
10-15 minutes whole group lesson-EDM
20-30 minutes students working independently/I held small groups/math conferences
*My students used the EDM games for Math with Someone and Math by Myself. They also used the EDM games on the computer.
5 minutes-Math Daily 3 debriefing, lesson review

The best part of Math Daily 3 is you can easily incorporate what you already do into each of the 3 math dailies (as mentioned above). 

So, have you tried Math Daily 3? Did you have to tweak it like I did?  What are your thoughts? 

For Math with Writing, I used monthly Math Writing Prompt Menus (much like my Monthly Writing Prompt Menus I created and use for Independent Writing in the Daily 5). I am offering the set of Math Writing Prompt menus for FREE for a very limited time. They come with a blank set as well so you can make them how you would like. They are geared for first grade, but like I said, you can create your own set on the blank ones. Enjoy!

Thank you so much for participating in my book club! Whether you participated silently or replied, I hope you got something out of it that can help you in some way this school year. 

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