Monday, May 13, 2013

I Have/Who Has Contraction Freebie for Manic Monday Freebie Linky

I hope all of the mothers out there had a great Mother's Day. We spent the day at Hershey Park, and aside from one crying, cranky toddler, it was a great day.

A few posts ago, I wrote about how I was planning our class t-shirt project. Each year, I request parents to send in white t-shirts for their children. We then decorate them. For years, we tie-dyed them. Last year, I tried something new...using a stencil and fabric paint to decorate them. After a little bit of trial and error, I think I have the method down. This year, they turned out so cute!!! I WAS planning to take some pictures, but then I forgot and sent them all home today. So, I have a picture of my son's that he made last year. 

You can see a little bit of the outside of the stencils, and he painted his name on it. But, you get the idea. 
This year, like I said, I perfected the process. Both the kids and I are very pleased with the outcome. 
If you want to make t-shirts like this, here are the directions:
You need:
-puffy fabric paint
-fabric paint (normal-not puffy)
-fabric paint spray (comes in bottles with a pump)
-summer stencils (I cut the stencils up so they were easier to use).
-small sponges
-old plastic plates (or paper plates)
-paper towels
-oaktag or old folders 
To make:
1.Place a folder (or oaktag) inside a t-shirt to prevent the paint from going through to the back.
2.The student chooses what stencil(s) to use (I may have influenced a few designs....).
3.We decide where to place the stencils.
4.We sponge paint over the stencils (I squirt the colors out on the old plates, then we use the sponges to paint).
5.The student chooses what color(s) to use to write his/her name (puffy paint).
*I've had my students write their names with puffy paint last year (NOT GOOD). I strongly recommend that you write them. 
6.The student chooses a color of paint spray. This paint is sprayed all over the front (you may choose to paint over the back too). The shirts are ready to go home the next day. 

Here's the Freebie:
We are starting a unit on Laura Numeroff's "If You Give..." books. There are contractions galore in those fun books, so I decided to make a version of "I Have, Who Has?" that focuses on contractions. We've learned about contractions throughout the year, and this game has a huge variety of them (27 to be exact). I only have 20 students, but I still use all 27 cards. I give some students more than one. An added bonus is that this game is circular, just like the "If You Give..." books. Click on the image below to grab this freebie (directions are included).
I hope your kids love it as much as mine do. They LOVE playing all versions of this game.

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  1. So glad we found your blog! Thanks so much for the freebie! We love cooperative learning! :)

  2. I found your blog on Fifth in the Middle's state link! Excited to follow another PA first grade blog!
    Thanks for the awesome freebie!

    Two Friends In First