Monday, May 20, 2013

Compound Word I Have/Who Has Freebie

I'm popping in quick to post my I Have/Who Has compound word freebie. We are finishing up a unit on Laura Numeroff's  "If You Give" books, so this game is a great review. My kids LOVE I Have/Who Has games. 
You can get that freebie right here:

I'm in the process of getting ready for our annual "Poetry Party" that is held in my classroom. It is a writing celebration where parents are invited. Students share what they've learned about writing, with an emphasis on poetry. They then read two of their published poems. 

The kids have learned about written about many types of poems, and they had the opportunity to choose two poems they would like to get published in our class poetry anthology. I just finished typing them, and they will illustrate them tomorrow. 
If you've never read The Important Book by 
Margaret Wise Brown, you need to. Brown describes everyday objects in poetry form. This is a great book to practice descriptive writing. After reading this book, and learning about describing words, my students chose an object to write about. 

If you are interested in teaching poetry to your students, check out my Poetry Packet at TPT. Just click on the link.

What do you do to celebrate your students' writing?

If you would like some other freebie goodies, check out the Manic Monday link by Charity Preston at: 

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