Sunday, April 21, 2013

Earth Day Freebie

Tomorrow is Earth Day...boy, that sure snuck up on me! Since my first graders are in the middle of our poetry unit, we've been writing acrostic, list and shape poems about the earth. I've included a freebie here:

The cute bubble font is from Graphics from Jessica Stanford and the font on the top is from hello fonts by Jen Jones. The border is from i neeta good clip (Anita Goodwin) .

Each year, toward the end of the year (like, right about now), my students make t-shirts. They then wear them for Field Day, our field trip or any other special days (or, just for fun). In the past, we've made tie-dye shirts. Last year, however, we did something different. And, they turned out amazing. This year, we are also going to decorate pillowcases. Pillowcases??? Yes, my son did this when he was in first grade, and they are adorable! He still uses it, and he's almost done with 2nd grade!!! 

I'll be posting my t-shirt ideas and detailed step-by-step "how-to" directions in the near future (for both tie-dyes AND the shirts we made last year) Both are easy! The pillowcase idea is also coming soon. If you do want your kiddos to make an end-of-year shirt and/or pillowcase, request those items NOW.  
Request these items:
-plain, white, 100% cotton t-shirts that have been prewashed without softener (that is only for the tie-dyes). Plain, white 50/50 
t-shirts will work for my new idea. 
-plain, white cotton pillowcase (usually comes in packs of 2, found them at K-Mart, kids can also send in $ and you can buy them).

What cute end of the year shirts/projects do you make with your class?


  1. Hi Jen,

    Cute freebie! What frame pack did you buy? I love the ones you've been using!

    Read With Me ABC

  2. Cute idea with the shirts and pillow cases! I can't wait to see what they look like. I get shirts at the beginning of the year and the students name gets put right up on the top left corner. These are used for all of your said activities as well as when a Substitute Teacher is in the room. Subs love it because the kids all have a shirt on with their name. Its easier to call names than have to point at kids.