Sunday, June 30, 2013

Farley's Currently July

It's just about two weeks since summer vacation officially began. During these past few weeks, I haven't done a thing related to school. I love to teach, but every year, I take a few weeks of vacation to do other things and just relax. 

As you probably already know, Google Reader will be gone on July 1st. I, like so many of you, joined Bloglovin'. I absolutely love it. Now, every night, I get a blog update in one email. It's great. So, if you didn't already sign-up, head on over. Just click on the link above. It's free and very easy to do. 
And, now onto Farley's Currently for July (click the link to join the fun)...

Listening: It's therapeutic to listen to birds chirp (at least I think so).

Loving: Last year, we started a family tradition of having a campout for friends/family in honor of our son's birthday. It's awesome...around sundown, everyone sets up their tent in the yard. Then, we have s'mores over the fire, pop Jiffypop, catch fireflies and watch a movie (it started to rain a bit, so it was an inside movie). We had the party yesterday/last night. Our youngest son is 2 (the birthday party was for him).
Here is a picture of the fam here:

Thinking: I just painted our red (deep, dark red) dining room to a very light, neutral tannish/beige (color is Rice Grain from SW). I love it, but now I need curtains. After doing a search for "cheap, no-sew DIY curtains on Pinterest, I found out I could make curtains from canvas drop cloths! Who would have thought? I bought two of them for around $10 each, some acrylic paint and medium, Frog Tape, a roller and curtain hooks. I'm just about ready to roll, but I need to think it through a bit more before starting. I will definitely post a picture when done. 

Wanting: My sister runs half-marathons and 5Ks all the time. I have only ever run in one 5K. I am crazy, but I want to do this before I am 40 (in 2 years...). My sister said she'd do it with me.

Needing: My little old 2001 Jetta is getting up there in age. Not like there is anything wrong with it, but I was just randomly thinking about it when I was filling out this Currently. Isn't it crazy how many random thoughts fill your mind at any one time? By the way, it comfortably fits ALL 3 boys in the back (2 car seats, and the oldest son in the middle). Hey, we all fit in my parents' little Subaru, back in the 80s! 

Tips: Simplify! You have to be careful not to get overwhelmed with teaching. Live your life outside of school. You DO NOT have to laminate everything (card stock works very well). Kids will play the games/activities you make even if they are not colored. Spend your time making simple games/activities that support what you are teaching. Do not spend your time on things that will be used one time or on things to fill time. 


  1. Great advice! It is so easy to get caught up in making everything perfect when it doesn't really matter.

  2. Thanks for stoppin' by my blog.

    I recently traded my 2004 Nissan Frontier for a 2013 Nissan Rogue. I had been hoping to get another year out of it, but it had something else in mind!! - one problem after another. Hope yours will hold out for you.

  3. Hi! I found your blog through the July Currently. Happy Birthday to your little one! What a great-looking family you have. Keeping it simple is important to remember...thanks for the reminder. And good luck with the drop cloth curtains. Sounds promising!! ~Cynthia at First and Second Loop Troop