Monday, June 17, 2013

Last Day of School....Finally!!! On to Home Organization 101!

Yeah!!! I walked out of my school a few hours ago...felt SO good!!! I love teaching, but nothing beats the first second of summer vacation. 

I spend 3 of the last 4 inservice days working in my classroom. Never in my career have I been blessed with so much time to spend in my room. Everything was cleaned out...everything....even those old laminated math games that I spend hours on....gone! Anything that I haven't used in the past 2 years was pitched. A lot of other teachers were able to take some books, borders, etc. that I put out in the hallway. Cleaning my classroom like that felt SO damn good.

So, my next project is my house. It currently looks like a cross between a daycare center and a junkyard-I'm not kidding. It's embarrassing! I was looking for great organizing blogs to give me some tips and help get me started. I found one called I Heart Organizing, and I think this will be a great one to light the fire under my butt. Do you have any home organization tips or blogs to share? I need all the help I can get.

Before I forget, here is a picture of the end of year pillowcases my kiddos made. They turned out great.

I am off to make a piƱa colada. My plan this summer is to take it slow...enjoy my family, friends and freedom. 

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  1. Congratulations on crossing the finish line! Summer break feels so good. :) The pillow case and poem are adorable!

    Did you say you're serving up Pina Coladas? I'll be right over.

    Read With Me ABC